Woodcraft construction kits

Woodcraft construction kits

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Woodcraft construction kits. The full range of GENUINE kits shipped internationally.

  • We sell the original woodcraft construction kits.
  • Woodcraft construction kits are made from high grade 3 ply sanded wood boards.
  • You purchase the kits flat-packed.
  • Designs are pre-cut. Pieces simply push out, no cutting or tools are required.
  • Individual pieces slot together to form a model.
  • Educational and challenging for children, fun for adults.
  • Woodcraft construction kits can be painted
  • Kits are assembled by numbers and each kit contains instructions.

Wood craft construction kits. A bigger challenge than any jigsaw puzzle. Assemble and then paint.

In most cases a small amount of glue is required. We use woodcraft glue but any model/craft glue is suitable.

Woodcraft construction kit motorcycle

Woodcraft construction kit helicopter
Woodcraft construction kit sailing boat
Woodcraft construction kit tower bridge